Me(boey) has lose weight 5 KG in 3 week

  • Name : Chen Poh Yee
  • Age : 23
  • Stay : Cheras ,Kl
  • Bonus : lose 5 kg ,no more period pain,skin problem improve ,more active ,no more sinus
  •  Wish to lose : lose 15 KG ( 55-58kg )

This is my second time using herbalife product to lose weight ,the 1st time is on 6 year ago was unsuccessful because i have meet the wrong coach and didn’t attend event .Lucky this time i meet a good coach, he really follow up me and bring me to customer day too,it was very important to choose a right coach bcoz it effect your result …he will follow up me twice a week to make sure i in progress ,in the same time he also got teach me some exercise because he previously is a personal trainer in fitness first .After consume for the 1week i was so happy because i no need to suffer while period and i din’t release the period come …last time i always will feel uncomfortable ,eat alot,dizzy ,stomach will kembang like pregnant women,easy angry ..i have try to c doctor to get solution but doctor say it was normal because i am a girl and no any medical give only can take the period pain panadol .Before that my period come on morning only for few week but now everything in normal 🙂 .I thought only wan to lose weight but in the same time it also improve other problem too,Now i can run more Faster n more active  .My skin rite now won b oily and less pimple ..hahaa..

Last time i always in office will drink 2 to 3 cup coffee everyday coz will feel very sleepy and tired but after taking the herbalife tea (exercise tea) i din feel sleepy at all even i sleep 5 or 6 hour only .Bonus after taking 3 week product and listen wat my coach say  i have lose 5kg n body has shape up alot

…reli LUAR BIASA…i love HERBALIFE  …   🙂


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