My diet//lose weight JOURNEY

Last time i been fat till 110KG in my secondly  school  ..i never slim before like now….Image i try alot of way to get myself pretty and slimmer .

1St try – herbalife product ,i have try it when i was 17 years old …follow wrong coach so after stop gain back weight …coz no ppl teach the right way while need to stop product

2nd way – Slimmimg tea and slimming pill …….after eat will keep cirit birit/diarrhea..though like this will flush all fat in body out ,but actually wrong …only flash out water and make up less water in body and will very tired sometimes unable to sleep somemore….pill only can help for sometimes it won help for long term …n will make ur health more worse …..if u r taking …PLS STOP IT b4 ur heath got problem

3th way – only eat apple for 1 month …only lose 2 kg …..will tired whole day coz hungry …..after stop and eat bak normal meal will b more fat …actually eat fruit is good coz healthy but not enough  ….fruit don have protein .

4th way – drink water only in 1 month….but sometimes eat abit vege ….also no use….lose 2 kg also jek….don try this coz after stop and eat bak food ..the body will store the fat coz body know tat i seldom eat so they store the fat n make me more fat ……

5th way – slimming center …i have spend thousand above in some slimming center …..i been wrap like miami …n put in a hot hot mesin…come out the whole skin red red colour…they provide the recepi also ….eat fruit whole day …sometimes eat rice /biskut ..Tak logik 1…lose few KG only ….de most scarry part is they will always call u to top up money to buy some impure to make u lose faster….woh….reli expensive …

6th way -i always hear ppl say eat already vomit out will slimmer ….so everytimes i eat already i vomit it all out …(3meal ) .all my friz scold me when they know i using this kind of way …but i din listen….i do it  like this for few year … the end not lose weight but gain weight …always sick ….regret do like this …..

8th way – Gym /diet/personal training…..i have sign up the gym and also got take personal training ( 60 session/1 session RM 150  ) it cost me RM 6000 above excluded member fee ( RM 130 per month ) …i almost spend RM 8k above at the  gym …while i taking the PT i also follow wat the trainer say eat oat,wholemeal bread….no rice …my trainer say i only able to  lose 3KG in 1 month …but i spend alot only able to lose few kg even work very very hard core..until i can spend more then 3 hour at gym to do workout …GYM only help 30% on lose weight …so stupid now only realize ….

9 th way (last way ) – Herbalife with GREAT COACH …. it like a god send someone to help me …..hahhaa…when i start to taking back this product i feel scared because i scared i will wasted money again coz last time have try b4….but i told myself to give 1 more chance to try on it because de my coach back ground…personal trainer…he has help alot of ppl lose weight b4….so i try it…and it reli work this time …after taking product and listen wat he say i have total lose more then 10 KG 1 month more …i can c my dream / ideal weight  is getting near ….now still got few kg need to lose only….but i no longer obesiti …already at the healthy level…can wear all the short pants….fit fit shirt….everyone was shocking /surprising on my result….reli reli need to thx alot to  my coach (jonathon) and herbalife


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