Importants of Drink Plain water

1.Help to Lose Weight – Bcoz Plain water  NO calorie, NO carbohydrate , No protein,NO sugar,No protein,so replace all the high calories and high sugar drink like jus2,coffee,tea tarik,coca –cola(soft drink ) to plain water .  Believe it if u drink plain water in 20minit b4 u eat u can less down ur food intake ,bcoz sometimes after eat u also will feel hungry bcoz  our Brain are lying to us ,actually we was thirst and not HUNGRY    


2. For Healthy heartResearch over the past six years in publish on 1 May, 2002 by the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that drinking more than five glasses a day can reduce your risk by 41% of heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses a day


3. . Provide energy-  Dehydration can cause us to easy  tired, pening2 and many other simptom2.

Naturally water  give  energy . less  sleepy. If still sleepy after drink water mean  got a lot of  excess fat!


4. Treatment of headache.- Among the symptoms of dehydration is headaches. I discover, after practice drinking of water that many, if suddenly I do not drink, be feel dizziness


5. . Beautiful skin – Drinking enough water can make a Glowing skin, healthy glow.. but if got skin problem ,need to  control our daily meal/diet .


6. Digestive problems– Water helps digestion of food in our stomachs. Water can also restore the acid in the stomach contents and avoid constipation.


7. Cleansing– One way to remove toxins from our body is to drink plenty of fluids. We would often go to the toilet but do not worry. Congratulations it’s a sign you’re healthy and your body is working to remove toxins!     


8. Reduce the risk of cancer.- Drinking enough water can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%, kidney cancer by 50% and  breast cancer.


9. Increase the ability to exercise– Dehydration is the cause of your body is not able to better exercise /workoutImageImage


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